Tropical low-pressure zone forms near East Sea

The National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting officially issued a warning of a low-pressure zone which had appeared near the East Sea.
A tropical low-pressure zone forms near East Sea
A tropical low-pressure zone forms near East Sea

In the next 24 hours, the system is expected to move the west- northwestward at a maximum speed of around 25 kilometers and continue to enter the East Sea.

By the afternoon of July 30, the tropical depression will be centered at 16 to 17 degrees north latitude and 117 to 118 degrees east longitude, at around 570 kilometers far from the East Sea’s the eastward.

Thus, the East Sea is forecast to brace for bad weather of medium- heavy rains and thunderstorms.

From tomorrow, low-pressure zone is likely to turn into tropical depression in the Paracel Islands’ the northeastern territorial water. 

On the same day, the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control asked the coastal provinces from Quang Ninh to Binh Thuan and the Northern and North- Central coastal provinces where were forecasted to experience torrential downpours and floods reviewing and being ready for dealing with the natural disaster in context of the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

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