Tropical low-pressure heading to East Sea

A tropical low-pressure system appeared this morning and is moving in the East Sea while a super typhoon is forecast to pass through this area.

The National Center for Hydro Meteorological Forecasting and different forecast resources from other countries like Japan, the United States and European warned a tropical low-pressure system hit in the northern part of the Philippines’ Luzon Island.

At 9am this morning, a tropical low-pressure moved slowly west and could enter the East Sea tomorrow.

The Centers for Hydro Meterorological Forecasting issued this system will pass through China’s Hainan Island then heading towards the northern region and then the Tokin Gulf.

In addition,  a super typhoon named Mang Cut (Mangosteen) has been formed off the Pacific Ocean. This afternoon, it centered at 14.6 degrees north latitude and 147.5 east longitude and was heading westwards with its speed at 35km per hour.

At 5pm, the typhoon gained strength and on September 12 it is forecast a super typhoon will develop to reaching level 18.

It is predicted to make landfall in the north part of East Sea therefore the northern region Vietnam will be effected by the typhoon.