Tropical depression enters East Sea

The National Center for Hydrology Meteorology Forecasting said that a tropical low-pressure system entered the East Sea this morning with sustained winds between 39 kilometers and 74 kilometers per hour.

Path of the tropical depression in the East Sea in next hours

It is forecast that the tropical depression will move west with a speed of 25 kilometers per hour in the next 24 hours.

By tomorrow afternoon, the tropical depression is probable to downgrade gradually in the southwestern waters of the Spratly Islands.

However, in order to proactively cope with the developments of the tropical depression, the Standing Office of the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, the Office of the National Committee for Responding to Natural Disasters, Search and Rescue this morning issued an official dispatch requesting provinces from Quang Binh to Kien Giang to strictly monitor offshore fishing vessels and timely provide information related to the path of the tropical depression to owners and captains of boats.

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