Saltwater intrusion in Mekong River tends to reduce

In the first four days of this month, the Mekong Delta has suffered from tropical torrential rain spells, notably serious flooding-triggered rains occurred on the roads of Can Tho City. 
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According to the Southern Institute of Irrigation Science, the current water level in Kratie (Cambodia) raises to 8.61 meters. 

Last week, the Canh Hong hydropower plant released maximum floodwater of up to 1,714 cubic meters to downstream areas. It is expected that this year’s dry season flow will be higher than the average for many years.

The highest salinity this month is forecast to reach 1‰ which could penetrate 40 to 50 kilometers, 50 to 55 kilometers, 65 to 70 kilometers inland on the Tien river, Ham Luong river, on the Vam Co river system respectively, decreased a lot compared to last month. 

The Cai Lon - Cai Be irrigation system was put into operation so salinity has been actively controlled.

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