Typhoon Hato powers wind, waves in East Sea

According to the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center, tropical storm Hato was centered at around 220 kilometers of the northwards of Philippines’s Luzong Island early this morning.

The strongest wind near the center gusted 60- 90 kilometers an hour. 

Within next 24 hours, the typhoon is predicted to move the west- northwestwards at 20-25 kilometers an hour.

By 1am tomorrow, it will be at 230 kilometer of the southeastwards of Hong Kong (China) with its maximum wind of level 10-13. 

In next 24- 48 hours, typhoon Hato will continue moving the west- northwestwards with a speed of 25 kilometers an hour.

Its eye is warned to be at east longitude of Guangxi province (China). The powerful wind near the center will reach at level 10- 11.


Because of influence of its circulation, the eastern territorial water of the East Sea will experience showery weather, thunderstorm, powerful wind, big wave and sea rough. 

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