Tropical depression to develop into typhoon hitting East Sea

The National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center this morning reported that a tropical low pressure system near the East Sea was predicted to develop into a new storm.
Position of low pressure system in the East Sea (Photo: NHMFC)
Position of low pressure system in the East Sea (Photo: NHMFC)

This early morning, its eye was at 10 degrees north latitude and 128.8 degrees east longitude, at around 400 kilometers of the east- southeastward of the Central- Philippines with the strongest wind of 50- 60 kilometers an hour near the center.

As forecast, the depression was moving the west- northwestward at around 25 kilometers an hour, and it is expected to develop into a tropical storm.

By 7am tomorrow, the dangerous zone will be at 11.5 degrees north latitude and 122.5 degrees east longitude. The maximum wind near the center could gust 60- 75 kilometer an hour.  

The typhoon will move the westward at 25 kilometers an hour and enter the East Sea.

Within the next 24-48, the storm will gain strength and be located at around 190 kilometers of the eastward of Song Tu Tay (Southwest Cay) Island of the Spratly Islands. The strongest wind could blow 60- 90 kilometers an hour. 

By 7am on November 23, it will center at 250 kilometers of the eastward of the south- central coastal provinces, warning level 3.

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