Storm Nalgae to downgrade into low-pressure zone in next 48-72 hours

The latest weather news from the National Center for Hydrology Meteorology Forecasting showed that storm Nalgae will downgrade into a tropical depression and a low-pressure zone in a row on the western territorial water of the north- East Sea in next 48-72 hours; and it is expected to slam unlikely the mainland of Vietnam. 

As of 7 a.m. on November 1, the eye of Nalgae was at around 550 kilometers east-northeast far from the Paracel Islands with sustained winds of 103-133 kilometers per hour at 7 a.m. on November 1.  

It is forecast that the tropical storm will move west-southwestward with a maximum speed of 15 kilometers an hour and churn at around 440 kilometers north northwest far from the Paracel Islands at 7 a.m. on November 4. 

Under the influence of the storm, the southern waters of the north-East Sea including the Paracel Islands will see gales of levels 6-9 and rough sea.