Southern region forecast to retain scorching daytime, rainy nighttime

The wave of unseasonal thunderstorms and downpours is expected to hit the Southern region in the next 24 hours due to an impact of the strong high-cold pressure system in addition to the upper-east wind turbulence zone, updated the National Center for Hydrology Meteorology Forecasting.

Small-medium rains and thunderstorms will make the climate in the Southern region more comfortable and milder. 


The lowest temperatures in the Southeastern and Southern regions at nighttime will maintain at 24-27 degrees Celsius; meanwhile, heat will continue building up the afternoon with the highest temperature of 34-36 degrees Celsius. 

The scorching daytime and rainy nighttime in the above-mentioned areas will last until next week. During April 5-7, the ultraviolet ray index in the Southern region reads at 9-10 with a very high harmful risk to human health.

To proactively respond to sudden severe weather condition, the Standing Office of the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disasters Prevention and Control suggested Steering Committee for Natural Disasters Prevention and Control at provinces and cities level to closely monitor warnings of natural disaster, weather forecast to help people timely prevent from risks of the thunderstorm, whirlwind, lightning and hail.

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