Record-breaking heatwave event to occur on upcoming public holidays

Meteorologists said that the whole country is about sweltering in a record-breaking heatwave event, falling from April 24 to May 1.


The National Center for Hydrology Meteorology Forecasting has not yet issued any warning regarding the occurrence of the intense heatwave.

However, some meteorologists said that the next several days will see unprecedented heat, causing temperature records to topple.

The Central localities from Nghe An to Thua Thien Hue will brace for a long-standing record of eight days when the mercury could reach 40 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius which is predicted to hold the record for the hottest areas in the country.

In the same period, the extreme heat will spread to the capital city of Hanoi with a temperature record of above 40 degrees Celsius.

Similarly, the Southern and Central Highlands regions are going to melt in a record streak of ten more days over 40 degrees Celsius.

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