North generates upcoming cold fronts

The National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center reported that the cold front causing heavy rains has influenced in the areas of north central and mid central provinces on the large scale.



Because of the influence of the cold wave, the Gulf of Tonkin suffers strong northeast monsoon speed of level 7- 9. According to forecast weather, the weather situation will spread from mid central region to south central region by February 2.

On February 2- 7, the damaged cold with daytime temperature at less than 13 degrees Celsius will cover both northern and north central provinces on the large scale. Meanwhile, the weather phenomenon of ice and freezing starts appearing in the mountain areas with the lowest temperature down 2- 3 degrees Celsius.

The National Steering Committee of Natural Disaster Prevent asked Ministries of Agricultural and Rural Development, Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Health and authorities from Northern provinces to Ha Tinh to instruct necessary methods to deal with upcoming damaged cold.

Besides, the agency also required the Steering Committee of Natural Disaster Prevent and Recue of affected locations by the damaged cold needs to collaborate functional forces to help local residents quickly stabilize their lives, production, cultivation and breeding.

More and more cold fronts are predicted to hit the country on Tet holidays, added the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center. 

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