New cold air mass enters Northern, Central Provinces

According to the Central Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention and Control, a new cold air mass is entering Northern and Central Vietnam.

New cold air mass enters North, Central Provinces (Photo:SGGP)
New cold air mass enters North, Central Provinces (Photo:SGGP)

According to weather forecasts, the cold air mass will directly affect the northern mountainous areas and the northeastern region by November 24, to later move to the central region.

Currently, temperatures in the north are at 16-20 degrees celsius, but within the next few days, temperatures will drop to 2-4 degrees celsius.

Due to the effect of the cold air mass, the coastal provinces of north and north central region will see rain on November 24 and the northeast region will face winds of level 2-3 while winds in coastal provinces will be at level 3-4.

The southern region will also see bad weather conditions, including a depression and a new tropical low pressure zone. Bay areas of Thailand and territorial waters of Binh Thuan, Ca Mau, Kien Giang Provinces will see rain and thunderstorms.

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