Le Quang Liem: Vietnam's last hope at Chess World Cup 2023

Vietnam participated in the Chess World Cup 2023 with four players, but unfortunately, three of them were eliminated after the first round.
Le Tuan Minh is eliminated in the first round of the Chess World Cup 2023.

Le Tuan Minh is eliminated in the first round of the Chess World Cup 2023.

The Chess World Cup 2023, organized by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and held in Baku, Azerbaijan, followed a format of direct elimination in each round.

On August 1 (local time), the first round of the tournament came to an end, with Vietnamese chess player Le Tuan Minh competing against Azerbaijani chess player Asadli Vugar. After both players drew in the first two standard chess games, the match advanced to rapid chess to decide the winner. Ultimately, Le Tuan Minh was defeated with a final score of 1.5 - 2.5, leading to his elimination. In the men's division, grandmaster Le Quang Liem will join the competition starting from the second round.

Also at the tournament, in the women's category, Vietnamese chess player Vo Thi Kim Phung faced the Polish chess player Rudzinska but unfortunately got eliminated after losing with a final score of 1-3 in the games. Meanwhile, Nguyen Thi Mai Hung competed against Gulnar from Azerbaijan and displayed great effort, securing a draw in the first standard chess game. In the subsequent rematch, both players played cautiously, but Mai Hung lost, leading to an overall score of 0.5-1.5 and her elimination from the tournament.

This year, the Chess World Cup 2023 will run until August 25 for the men's category and until August 22 for the women's category.

Thus, Vietnam's chess hopes rest solely on grandmaster Le Quang Liem, as Tuan Minh, Kim Phung, and Mai Hung have ended their journeys at the tournament.

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