Japan seeks to attract high-spending Vietnamese tourists

Japan seeks to attract high-spending Vietnamese tourists as the Japan National Tourism Organization’s statistics show that the number of Vietnamese tourists coming to have fun and visit the land of the rising sun is increasing.

A Vietnamese tourist in Japan

Yesterday afternoon, the Japan Reconstruction Agency coordinated with the Japan Tourism Promotion Agency and several related units to introduce unique tourist attractions of Fukushima province called "Genki! Fukushima 2024”.

Minister for Reconstruction cum Minister in charge of Comprehensive Policy Coordination for Revival from the Nuclear Accident at Fukushima Tsuchiya Shinako said that the attraction of tourism and cuisine in Japanese provinces and cities in general, and Fukushima province in particular, is very great. Before the Covid-19 epidemic, statistically about 13,000 Vietnamese people went to Fukushima province to visit and experience the destinations.

The event ‘Genki! Fukushima 2024’ takes place at HCMC-based Aeon Mall Tan Phu Celadon

Fukushima Prefecture located in the south of the Tohoku region, about 200km from Tokyo is the third largest prefecture in Japan, after Hokkaido and Iwate with typical cultures of Japan.

After the disaster, Fukushima has gradually recovered, becoming a completely new tourist destination, attracting many tourists in 2024.

This place is considered a land of convergence of Japanese cultures such as hot springs, citadel architecture, and cherry blossoms with a variety of fresh sea products including oysters, scallops, and fresh fruits.

Some outstanding specialties that guests cannot miss include Kitakata ramen, and Kozuyu soup.

The event ‘Genki! Fukushima 2024’ took place from February 2 to 4 at HCMC-based Aeon Mall Tan Phu Celadon, promoting cultural values, outstanding values of resources, and citadel architecture to attract Vietnamese tourists to visit.

People who come to shop and have fun at Aeon Mall Tan Phu Celadon will enjoy some typical products of Fukushima and neighboring provinces such as Sanriku Joban seafood, Fukushima specialty peach juice, handing out lettuce miso soup products, experiencing Okiagari Koboshi (tumbling doll coloring workshop).

In addition, guests can also buy Vietravel's five-day-four-night tours to the land of cherry blossoms at preferential prices such as Explore Japan with Takamatsu cherry blossoms - Kobe - Osaka - Tokyo - Mount Fuji – Fukushima’ from March 17 at VND 29.99 million ( US$1,288) a person.

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