Extra-tropical storm to form off East Sea

Deputy Director of the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting Mr. Hoang Phuc Lam reported that one more tropical low pressure system following storm Sinlaku had just formed in the eastern territorial water of the Philippines. 
Path map of storm Sinlaku
Path map of storm Sinlaku

The newly- formed tropical depression is able to impact on intensity scale and faster or slower- moving storm Sinlaku.

The peak of the stormy season in the East Sea is between mid- August and late October.

It is expected that about 8 to 10 tropical depressions and storms would enter the East Sea from now until the end of the year.

Tropical depressions, storms, downpours and flash floods are possible for growing simultaneously or rotating in the next months. 

The circulation of storm Sinlaku is forecast to result a torrential rain across the Northern, Central and Central Highlands regions; therefore, it is necessary to review water reservoirs, high-risk hydropower plants, places for mineral exploitation and construction projects, prepare plans and measures dealing with the natural disasters.


Thus, local people should prevent whirlwinds, landslides, flash floods and landslides, etc following heavy to heavy rains. 


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