City leader visits, encourages SGGP Newspaper’s Covid-19 infectious reporters

At noon of September 17, a working delegation of Ho Chi Minh City led by Head of the Propaganda and Education Board of the City Party Committee Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue visited and encouraged journalists, editors and staff of Sai Gon Giai Phong (SGGP) Newspaper, who were unfortunately infected with the coronavirus. 
Head of the Propaganda and Education Board of the City Party Committee Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue (R) encourages a reporter of SGGP Newspaper.
On behalf of the Ho Chi Minh City leaders, Mr. Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue sent encouragements and hoped those people to soon recover their health and continue to fulfill their assigned political tasks as well as perform articles following the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control missions contributing to bringing the city to the new-normal. 

In the working session with representatives of SGGP Newspaper, the leader highly appreciated the efforts of SGGP Newspaper’s reporters and staff based on a huge number of the daily articles related to Covid-19 prevention and control with the diverse and inclusive contents of all activities and directions of the city leaders, the presence of the frontline, the backline workers and the units in the Covid-19 fight over the past 100 days.

Editor-in-chief of SGGP Newspaper Tang Huu Phong
Editor-in-chief of SGGP Newspaper Tang Huu Phong informed that there have been 30 Covid-19 infections in the press agency, most of them have recovered while the new cases are under monitoring and treatment. Almost all the coronavirus infected cases were reportedly detected in the community. 

Since the pandemic outbreak, the newspaper has established a response team for Covid-19 to closely monitor the pandemic situation, propose the measures and policies to take care of staff, reporters and employees infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Currently, SGGP Newspaper is facing difficulties in the publication process as only 57 out of 200 employees were provided travel passes to perform their daily tasks. Therefore, the SGGP Newspaper’s leader proposed the city authorities grant more travel passes for SGGP Newspaper’s employees.

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