Central region enjoys rains after one- week drought

A sudden appearance of rainfall made the weather condition in the Central region more comfortable and milder in two recent days after a long- lasting extreme heatwave. 
Central region enjoys rains after one- week drought

The Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Station of the North- Central region reported that a continental cold air mass spreading from the northward to southward caused subnormal rainfalls. 

In particular, the average rainfall in the Central province of Thanh Hoa was measured at 60- 120 mm, even up to between 148 mm and 185 mm in some places. 

Medium- heavy downpours and thunderstorms yesterday swept through the North- Central region, with an average rainfall of 30- 80 mm. 

However, the subnormal rains triggering severe weather situations of gusty wind, hail and thunderstorm caused serious damages in the mountainous district of Ky Son, Nghe An province. 

As forecast, the western part of the Northern region and provinces from Thanh Hoa to Quang Nam are going to experience medium- heavy downpours because of an impact of low pressure trough connecting with upper wind convergence.

Amid the current weather condition, the experts also warned extremism weather phenomenon of hail, thunderstorm, cyclone and lightning.

Powerful operation of the southwest monsoon is predicted to bring rainfalls  in the Central Highlands and Southern regions, including Ho Chi Minh City from May 23- 25.

Central region enjoys rains after one- week drought ảnh 1

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