All-in-one energy storage solution for renewable energy development in Vietnam

Recently, the workshop on the application of the energy storage systems and efficiency technology of the renewable energy (RE) projects in Vietnam" was grandly held by the Scientific Council of the Vietnam Energy at the Hanoi International Convention Center. 
All-in-one energy storage solution for renewable energy development in Vietnam ảnh 1 The representative of Hopewind presents at the workshop

Hopewind and its Vietnamese partner RedFOX Investment Joint Stock Company were invited to participate in this workshop.

The workshop invited leading enterprises, experts and scholars from Vietnam’s State central management agencies, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), National Load Dispatching Center, Vietnam Energy Industry, to focus on Vietnam’s renewable energy market policies, investment risks, project problems, and solutions, and analyze the application of energy storage systems and technologies in renewable energy to improve the utilization efficiency of renewable energy projects in Vietnam. 

Vietnam is one of the ASEAN countries with the most abundant reserves of clean energy, such as wind and solar energy. In addition, the government has continuously issued a number of encouragement and incentive policies in recent years, making Vietnam the most potential wind power and photovoltaic new energy development market in Southeast Asia.

However, the large-scale and high proportion of new energy grid connection will inevitably bring great challenges to system planning, consumption, and safe and stable operation for a long time. As a key technology for energy structure transformation, energy storage technology can effectively solve the instability and intermittent problems of renewable energy power generation, smooth the output of new energy, and improve the stability of the power system. Therefore, reasonable application and technical investment of energy storage systems can improve the utilization efficiency of renewable energy projects in Vietnam faster and better, which has attracted great interest from new energy investors, managers and operators.

All-in-one energy storage solution for renewable energy development in Vietnam ảnh 2 The representatives of Hopewind at the workshop
At the workshop, Hopewind made a thematic sharing of "All-in-one Energy Storage Solutions and Products", combined with the status quo of the development of the Vietnamese market, shared product advantages, typical project case sharing, and integration of solar and energy storage. Participants discussed the application of energy storage systems in Vietnam's renewable energy projects. In addition to the carefully prepared special lectures, Hopewind also set up a product display area outside the venue to bring energy storage products and solutions to the guests. During the break of the conference, the exhibition area ushered in the visits of experts, investors, and operators in the new energy industry. The staff of Hopewind gave the guests a detailed and professional product technical explanation, which was widely favored. Among them, the outdoor energy storage integrated machine solution received particularly enthusiastic response. Hopewind energy storage has an early layout and large shipments. Products cover PCS, EMS, energy storage integrated machines, off-grid controllers and other equipment. The application scenarios involve various sides, including power generation, power grid, users, and microgrid. With the leading system integration capability in the industry, the company won the 2021 Best New Energy Side Distribution Energy Storage Project Award, 2021 Best System Integration Solution Supplier Award, and other honors. Looking forward to the future, Hopewind will continue to uphold the corporate mission of "promoting technological progress in the industry and creating a better life for mankind" and insist on innovation in energy storage technology to make electricity more valuable and make the system safer and more stable.