Young people find employment opportunities in Tet holidays

Tet holidays ( the Lunar New Year) is approaching, laborers are in urgent need of employment to improve their income. However, startup consultants said risk of unemployment is potential.

Covid-19 has had widespread negative impacts on jobs with thousands temporarily, or permanently, out of work. Young employees in tourism sector and tour guides in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are on the way to find new job. Beforehand, laborers in the sector got out of work.
A tour guide living in District 6 said that his average income was VND35 million – VND40 million (US$ 1,508- US$ 1,723) monthly excluding the company’ bonus and tourists’ tips. After the coronavirus pandemic broke out, I was unemployed; therefore, I registered to work as a driver to make ends meet.
Not just the tourism sector but also the transportation have ratified a staff cut and lay-offs.
A woman in Go Vap District said her previous salary was VND25 million- VND30 million a month. However, after the coronavirus pandemic, her wage dropped to VND15 million and then VND8 million, and it is VND3.5 million from July till now.
Subsequently, she quitted the job and got unemployment insurance. Later, she applied for a job in a supermarket with the salary of VND7 million – VND8 million per month plus VND2 million bonus.
Packaging gifts in the special holidays, selling commodities online, cleaning houses or taking care of pets are jobs available in internet this season with earning of VND22,000 - VND 35,000 an hour while guards and supermarket assistants can earn more. For instance, some supermarkets will give a bank account of VND3 million - VND8 million to those who promised to work in the supermarkets for 12 months to three years.
A female university graduate said that young people will do all jobs without thinking much because more people are unemployed now.
After the worldwide pandemic, young people will be grown up in their thinking and it will bring opportunity to those who can take advantage of it.

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