Wild Himalayan cherry blossoms display their vibrant beauty in Mang Den

Mang Den has achieved the cultivation of 300,000 wild Himalayan cherry (Prunus cerasoides) trees. The region is heading towards planting one million trees, aiming to become the largest wild Himalayan cherry blossom cultivation area nationwide.

These days, wild Himalayan cherry blossoms on the Mang Den Plateau in Kon Plong District, Kon Tum Province, are starting to bloom. It is also the time when tourists are flocking to Mang Den to savor the beauty of the blossoms.


In contrast to last year, when the wild Himalayan cherry blossoms bloomed around the New Year, this year's blossoming is delayed due to unfavorable weather conditions. It is anticipated that in approximately ten days, the wild Himalayan cherry blossoms will be in full bloom, covering the town with a captivating vibrant pink hue.

Wild Himalayan cherry blossoms are currently in full bloom in the bell tower area, Dam Bri Lake, and along the roads adjacent to government administrative offices and residential areas. The blossoms are casting a pink hue across the sky. Hundreds of enthusiastic tourists are avidly capturing photos and live-streaming to showcase the vibrant beauty of the wild Himalayan cherry blossoms to their loved ones.


Tourists show a high level of awareness in protecting the wild Himalayan cherry blossoms. They carefully select picturesque blossom-filled locations, capturing radiant photos with their family members, and there is no evidence of anyone plucking branches to take pictures.

As stated by Mr. Pham Van Thang, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Kon Plong District, wild Himalayan cherry blossoms hold a unique significance, particularly in association with the district.

The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee has issued a directive entrusting Kon Plong District to cultivate one million wild Himalayan cherry blossom trees in the central area of Mang Den by 2025, aspiring to establish it as the wild Himalayan cherry blossom capital.

So far, Kon Plong District has grown 300,000 trees, predominantly concentrated in Mang Den. The district is dedicated to reaching the target of planting one million wild Himalayan cherry blossom trees, thereby making Mang Den the location with the highest number of wild Himalayan cherry blossoms nationwide.


To achieve this objective, the local authorities are actively promoting development initiatives, which include orchestrating wild Himalayan cherry blossom propagation programs for distribution to residents and encouraging planting along roads and in fields to create picturesque blossom-covered hills.

In the upcoming wild Himalayan cherry blossom seasons, the district plans to host a wild Himalayan cherry blossom to honor this type of flower.


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