Volume of goods in Binh Dien market increase by 35 percent ahead of Tet

In the week before Tet, the volume of goods transported to Binh Dien market in Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 8 is expected to increase by an average of 20 percent to 35 percent compared to normal days.
Volume of goods in Binh Dien market increase by 35 percent ahead of Tet ảnh 1 Volume of goods in Binh Dien market increase by 35 percent ahead of Tet

Especially in the peak days from December 26 and 27 when consumer demand increases, the volume of goods skyrockets by 30 percent-50 percent, reaching about 3,500 to 4,500 tons per night.

A representative of the Binh Dien Market Management and Trading Company shared that as every year, Binh Dien Market Company actively contacted and worked with large barn owners at Binh Dien Market to understand the supply and demand of each key commodity for the Tet holiday of 2023 ( the Lunar New Year) such as output, price, purchasing power forecast and stockpiling. Binh Dien market management board always ensures all conditions for traders at the market as well as sends report to the authorities about unusual changes.

According to Binh Dien Market Business and Management Company, a member unit of Saigon Trading Corporation - One Member Limited Liability Company (SATRA), trading and service activities in the last months of the year tend to increase due to increased demand. SATRA disclosed that in recent years, customers are not only individual traders, but many households across the city also go to Binh Dien market in Binh Dien Commercial Area to shop for Tet.

Dwellers prefer shopping in the Binh Dien market because the prices are cheap and the food is always fresh, so the atmosphere during the Tet holiday is very lively. Like every year, commodity prices of seafood, fruits, and vegetables will fluctuate in the days ahead of Tet holidays from December 25 to 28 of the Lunar calendar.

Specifically, mackerel, tuna, live black tiger shrimp, fresh squid, tangerine, and mango, cabbage and raw vegetable will see an increase of 10 percent to 30 percent. Some fresh flower products such as lilies and carnations will also surge from 2 to 3 times compared to prior days.

Particularly, the prices of livestock and poultry meat products are not expected to increase much this year, estimated at about 10 percent compared to normal levels. From the last night of the New Year Market on December 29 of the Lunar calendar, the prices of most items gradually decrease and stabilize after Tet.

In addition to the preparation of Tet goods, management of food safety and hygiene is also a top priority by the Binh Dien Market Company. The company will continue to coordinate with the Food Safety Management Team of Binh Dien Market under the Food Safety Management Authority of HCMC to strengthen the inspection and control of food safety during and after the Lunar New Year 2023.

They will propagandize on food safety by using loudspeakers, hanging posters as well as taking samples to check periodically and irregularly the criteria of borax, food coloring, preservatives or check residues of pesticides for vegetables and fruits, and aquatic products.