Vietnam tops 2024 Asian Aerobics Championship with 8 golds on home turf

The tournament concluded at Quan Ngua Sports Palace in Hanoi, with the Vietnamese aerobics team winning a total of eight championships in the events they participated in.

Vietnam aerobics athletes achieve excellent results in this championship. (Photo: VGF)

On the evening of June 10, at Quan Ngua Sports Palace in Hanoi, the remaining events for the over-18-year-old championship category at the 2024 Aerobic Gymnastics Asian Championships were held. The host Vietnamese aerobics team claimed five more gold medals on the final day.

Among these gold medal achievements, a notable result was the championship title in the men's individual performance. The Vietnamese team had Nguyen Che Thanh and Phan The Gia Hien in the men's individual finals of the championship category. After their performances, Che Thanh received the highest score from the judges, earning the gold medal. This is the first time Che Thanh has won an individual gold medal at an Aerobic Gymnastics Asian Championship. Besides this, the Vietnamese aerobics team also won gold medals in the 3-person and 5-person group events. Additionally, the Vietnamese aerobics team secured a gold medal in the women's individual aerobic dance event.

On the previous competition day, Vietnam's aerobics team competed in the youth categories, clinching gold medals in the 3-person group event (ages 12-14), the 5-person group event (ages 12-14), and the 3-person group event (ages 15-17).

In the end, the Vietnamese team won a total of eight gold medals, four silver medals, and five bronze medals, securing first place overall. South Korea came in second with seven gold medals, four silver medals, and one bronze medal, while Japan placed third with one gold medal, four silver medals, and two bronze medals.

The 2024 Aerobic Gymnastics Asian Championships, held for the 9th time, brought together over 320 participants from 14 delegations, including Australia, Cambodia, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong (China), Indonesia, India, Iran, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, and host Vietnam.

Throughout the competition, athletes competed in 18 events, with 68 sets of medals awarded in total. The events included men's individual, women's individual, mixed pairs, 3-person group, 5-person group, and aerobic dance across three age groups: 12-14, 15-17, and over 18. The Vietnamese aerobics team participated in the 2024 Aerobic Gymnastics Asian Championships with 17 coaches and 51 athletes, competing in all 18 events.

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