Vietnam secures first medal at ASEAN University Games 2024

On the first competition day of the ASEAN University Games 2024 – AUG 2024, on June 26, Vietnam secured a bronze medal in the swimming event.

Vietnam secures the first medal at ASEAN University Games 2024 in Indonesia. (Photo: the organization board of this tournament)

Vietnamese athlete Truong Viet Vu earned the bronze medal- the first medal with a victory of 4 minutes 8.34 seconds in the men's 400-meter freestyle final.

The 2024 ASEAN University Games have officially been kicked off, with 21 sports including futsal, wushu, track and field, swimming, chess, taekwondo, pencak silat, karate, judo, volleyball, tennis, discus throw, sport climbing, 3x3 basketball, 5x5 basketball, badminton, archery, beach volleyball, kick volleyball (Sepak Takraw) and bridge poker.

At the tournament, Vietnam's student sports delegation registered 37 slots for athletes to compete in swimming, taekwondo, track and field and chess events. Vietnam sets a target of winning gold medals in track and field, chess and taekwondo.

The AUG 2024 takes place in Indonesia from June 25 until July 8, gathering student sports delegations from 11 countries.

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