Vietnam raises awareness of climate change and natural disasters prevention

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in collaboration with the United Kingdom Embassy co-organized a seminar about raising public awareness of climate change towards the 21st Conference of Parties in Hanoi, on September 23.

City planning has not yet solved water flow change in rainy season. (Photo:SGGP)

City planning has not yet solved water flow change in rainy season. (Photo:SGGP)

At the seminar, 40  reporters collected experiences about dealing with climate change in the United Kingdom, and provided basic information related to climate change impact as well as the 21st United Nations Climate Change at Paris in December, 2015.

Deputy Director General- Department of International Cooperation of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Do Nam Thang said that national strategic on climate change approved by Prime Minister aims to contribute in one-way or major aspiration of vision. Viet Nam is recently one of the countries most affected by natural disasters and climate change such as flash flood, typhoon, cyclone, earthquake and others.

Deputy Chairman of Advisory Council for the National Committee on Climate Change Tran Thuc said that climate change has caused tropical low pressure, flash flood and super storms with strong impacts on Vietnam yearly.

Relating to serious flooding in big cities of Vietnam, Mr. Tran Thuc stressed that the city has not yet solved water source pollution and water flow change in rainy season. 

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