Top Asian corporations to invest in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is working concertedly towards drawing more lucrative investments in the current post-pandemic phase.
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Mr. Phan Van Mai, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, along with several leaders and heads of relevant departments and business sectors, held high level meetings during the investment promotion week with three leading corporations in Asia, namely the Van Thinh Phat Group of Vietnam, the ORIX Corporation of Japan, and the CK Asset Holdings Limited Group of Hong Kong, calling for strong investments in Ho Chi Minh City after the Covid-19 pandemic.
Van Thinh Phat Group
The Van Thinh Phat Group is a private economic corporation, being mainly a domestic investor, with more than 30 years of operation in the field of real estate with several outstanding projects. This company operates under a motto that puts the task of promoting and protecting its national brand first. The Van Thinh Phat Group company is not only a pioneer in economic development but also in the field of charity, community development, and social welfare across the country.
In the recent battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, the Van Thinh Phat Group left an indelible mark by practical and meaningful humanitarian activities by supporting the State and the community with 25 million doses of vaccines, and establishing three field hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City with 7,500 beds, with fully equipped medical facilities, along with a supply of thousands of essential food items.
During the adaption phase back to a new normal way, the Van Thinh Phat Group has once again pioneered efforts to call worthy leading investors such as ORIX Corporation, and CK Assets Holdings Limited to look towards Vietnam for further investments. The hope is that these companies will cooperate in investment and development in key areas in Ho Chi Minh City such as finance, infrastructure, real estate, technology, and renewable energy. There is need now more than ever to improve the quality of social infrastructure, and the quality of life in the post-pandemic reconstruction phase.
Ms. Truong Hue Van, General Director of the Van Thinh Phat Group, said that his corporation is deeply attached to the development of Ho Chi Minh City for more than thirty years. His company has been steadfast in supporting the Party and the State to build a rich, beautiful, civilized and progressive city. Despite going through many challenges, the Van Thinh Phat Group still wholeheartedly maintains an identity in its business philosophy, which is a firm commitment towards long-term and sustainable development, and always putting the prestige of the corporation and the country above all else. The Group always wants to connect all resources, open all investment capital for the country, bring in new opportunities, and all available potential for proper development of the highest quality and stature to the City that has been named after Uncle Ho.
ORIX Corporation
The ORIX Corporation is a global corporation with a long history of nearly 60 years in construction and development in Japan. Currently, ORIX has bases in 31 countries and territories, more than 888 subsidiaries, and 134 affiliated companies. The ORIX Corporation is one of the world's largest renewable energy groups with more than 3GW installed worldwide, and a leading investor in the finance, insurance, and real estate industries. By the end of 2021, the ORIX Corporation was managing assets of upto US$ 400 bn, almost 33,000 employees, revenue of more than US$13.5 bn, total assets of US$ 91 bn, and equity of US$ 24 bn.
Mr. Li Hao, Deputy Leader of the East Asia Business Headquarter of ORIX Corporation, and Chairman of Orix Asia Capital Ltd., affirmed that they were looking forward to finding a common platform to work with the Ho Chi Minh City government in developing financial infrastructure that is firmly connected to the international market, serving as the foundation for attracting more investment and developing real-value assets. This is also in sync with the ideals of the Van Thinh Phat Group as well.
CK Asset Holdings Limited
The CK Asset Holdings Limited is one of the largest investment groups in Hong Kong in the field of real estate and infrastructure founded by billionaire Ly Gia Thanh, with many investment achievements in Hong Kong, China, and many other countries around the world. This group has a history of more than 70 years, with total assets of around US$ 80 bn, equity of more than US$50 bn, and revenue in 2020 reaching more than US$9 bn.
Mr. Justin Chiu, CEO of CK Asset Holdings Limited, said that in each country, their investment decisions start with two prerequisites. First, government support and second, having a worthy local partner who understands the locality and has the ability to connect with the world market.
At the investment conference, leaders of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City welcomed and appreciated the investment efforts of the Van Thinh Phat Group and its partners. At the same time, Ho Chi Minh City also committed to supporting investors, promptly removing difficulties, and creating favorable conditions for businesses, in order to position Ho Chi Minh City as the economic locomotive of the country and as a typical city of the region offering innovative, elite and breakthrough investment programs.

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