Temperatures to touch 40 degrees Celsius

A scorching heatwave with the highest temperature of 39- 40 degrees Celsius is expected to hit the North- West, Northern and Central mountainous regions in consecutive days, announced the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center.
Temperatures is able to touch 40 degrees Celsius
Temperatures is able to touch 40 degrees Celsius

The heatwave warning was due to a low- hot pressure from westwards accompanied with operation of hot and dry wind from Laos is impacted to the weather condition. 

Today, the hot weather condition continued expanding to the Central region and the Western part of the Northern region with temperature alert of between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius, even up to 38- 40 degrees Celsius in the Central mountainous area.  

The highest temperature in the Red River Delta and midland of the Northern region is warned to hit 34- 35 degrees Celsius.

The heatwave is warned to last until April 22.

From April 18- 24, the highest possibility temperature in the Southern region could reach 35- 36 degrees Celsius. The extreme temperature is warned between 12am to 4pm.