Studying Vietnamese history from hero statues at traffic roundabouts in HCM

With its more than 300-year history, HCMC is home to many historical and cultural works, including statues of national heroes located at traffic roundabouts in the city.

The construction of statues aims to honor national heroes for their great contribution to building and protecting the country.

People could choose modern and spacious roads, busy traffic circles, and monuments featuring memorials to historic events, places, and heroes and their deeds and contributions to the building of our nation.

The works also serve as educational tools conveying the traditional history of the nation over more than 4,000 years.

The statue of Phu Dong Thien Vuong (Saint Giong) is placed at Phu Dong roundabout that intersects six roads, including Cach Mang Thang Tam, Ly Tu Trong, Pham Hong Thai, Nguyen Thi Nghia, Nguyen Trai and Le Thi Rieng in District 1 was built in 1966. The copper statue depicts the legendary hero with a grove of bamboo in his hand flying into the sky on his horse.
Refurbishment and upgrading of the statue of Vietnamese anti-French nationalist revolutionary Phan Dinh Phung located in front of the Post Office of District 5 was inaugurated on December 17, 2023.
The six-meter-high statue of National Hero Tran Hung Dao whose real name is Tran Quoc Tuan and known as Grand Lord Tran Hung Dao is placed at Me Linh Square in District 1. The hero stands on a 10-meter-high pedestal with his eyes looking down directly to Bach Dang wharf and points with one finger. The construction aims to pay deep gratitude for the great contributions of Grand Lord Hung Dao in the Battle of Bach Dang against the Mongols in 1288.
Bach Dang Wharf Park
Ho Con Rua (Turtle Lake Fountain) area also known as Cong Truong Quoc Te (International Construction Site), a roundabout connecting streets of Vo Van Tan, Pham Ngoc Thach, and Tran Cao Van is one of the most attractions in HCMC. In 1878, a water tower was built by the French at the location of Ho Con Rua today to serve the needs of drinking water for residents in the area. In the picture, Ms. Hang and her husband take their daughter for a stroll at Ho Con Rua and tell her about the history of this landmark.
Refurbishment and upgrading of An Duong Vuong Monument at Nguyen Tri Phuong roundabout on the boundary between District 5 and District 10 was completed. The building was built to commemorate King An Duong Vuong.

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