Soc Son Waste-to-Power Plant goes online

Soc Son Waste-to-Power Plant located at Nam Son Waste Treatment Complex in Soc Son District in Hanoi officially connected to the national electricity grid on July 25, with a power generating capacity from the incineration of waste in Phase 1 is 15MW.

A representative of Thien Y Energy Joint Stock Company, the project investor, said that the Soc Son Waste-to-Power Plant has the second-largest waste treatment capacity in the world, after only a plant in Shanghai, China. 

Soc Son Waste-to-Power Plant will be operated in three phases. Phase 1 has one incinerator and one operating unit, with a capacity of 800 tons of waste per day and night. Phase 2, with two more incinerators, and phase 3, with another two more incinerators, will be operated in 2022.

After completing three phases, the plant is expected to handle a volume of 4,000 tons of waste per day and night, equal to the total waste volume of nine inner districts in Hanoi.

The plant uses Belgium's incineration technology. The ash and slag of the combustion process are used to make construction material. The factory applies waste incineration technology without sorting. Therefore, Hanoi will not need to invest in upgrading the waste collection and transportation system, and people will not need to sort waste at the source.

Previously, in 2017, Hanoi People's Committee approved the investment policy for the construction of the Soc Son Waste-to-Power Plant with an investment capital of more than VND7 trillion.

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