Saline intrusion to get serious in dry season 2021

Prediction of less rainfall in the upstream area of Mekong River and Southern region along with average temperatures of 21 to 33 degrees Celsius for next several days are linked to report of the National Center for Hydro-meteorology Forecasting. 
Saline intrusion to get serious in dry season 2021

Currently, water levels on Tien and Hau rivers have changed slowly. From January 6-10, saline intrusion in the Mekong Delta has had little changes.

Although the highest salinity in January is lower than the highest salinity level on the same period in 2020, saline intrusion in the 2020-2021 dry season is able to get more serious than the average level in many years, but not as serious as the dry season of 2019-2020, falling in February and March.

According to the National Center for Hydro-meteorology Forecasting, new cold spell will intensify to the country. As this reason, temperatures in some places will drop to below zero degree Celsius as well as snow and freeze blanket will see in mountainous areas. 

Amidst the situation, the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control requested localities to proactively take measures to ensure safety for the elderly, children and students.

It is necessary to keep body warm, avoid going out and working under cold weather condition. Based on weather conditions in the localities, students are able to be absent from their schools.