Ring road No.3 in HCMC finishes 95 percent of land clearance

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Natural Resources and Environment yesterday signed a competition agreement with the People’s Committees of Thu Duc City and the districts of Cu Chi, Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh to complete the tasks of land retrieval, land compensation, support and resettlement for the section passing HCMC of Ring Road No.3.

The section passing HCMC of Ring Road No.3 has completed installing 95 percent of land clearance poles

Director Luong Minh Phuc of the Transportation Works Construction Investment Project Management Authority of HCMC (Transportation Board) stated that the first sub-project ‘Building the Section Passing HCMC of Ring Road No.3, Including Thay Thuoc Canal’ has finished the appointment of consultation contractors and is proceeding with the corresponding investment plan for approval on November 30.

Simultaneously, the tasks on environment impact analysis, reports on material mines, standard frameworks, and model designs for the project, as well as adjustments for 30 sub-zone planning documents are being carried out by the Transportation Board and related state departments, agencies.

Director Phuc informed that the 45-kilometer section of Ring Road No.3 passing HCMC has completed 95 percent of the land clearance task, installing 1802 out of 1901 clearance poles in 4 localities. This task is expected to finish on October 20.

The land handover has also been completed at 9 out of 13 wards and communes except in Pham Van Hai Commune and Le Minh Xuan Commune in Binh Chanh District, Long Truong Ward and Long Binh Ward in Thu Duc City owing to complicated situations.

The two kilometers of the intersection between Ring Road No.3 and HCMC – Moc Bai Expressway will have its boundary approved by October 24 and its clearance poles installed by October 30. This will greatly boost the progress of the second sub-project.

The last 5 percent belongs to 4 communes, wards

In the signing ceremony, Deputy Director Vo Trung Truc of the HCMC Department of Natural Resources and Environment said that there are 528 households in Thu Duc City affected by this construction project. The Department has compiled corresponding legal documents of 466 families (accounting for over 88 percent) and taken land measurement for 352 families (comprising nearly 67 percent).

The respective figures for Cu Chi District are 320 households, with 301 families having legal documents formed and land measured (accounting for 94.1 percent). Binh Chanh District has 386 affected households, 309 of whom have legal documents created and 380 have land measured (accounting for 98 percent). The numbers for Hoc Mon District are 378 affected households, 370 established legal documents, and 368 measured land lots (accounting for 97.3 percent).

The agreement states that the HCMC Department of Natural Resources and Environment cooperates with and instructs the People’s Committees of Thu Duc City, the districts of Cu Chi, Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh to carry out their assessment task before submitting the land price adjustment coefficient to HCMC People’s Committee for approval in order to calculate compensation, support, and organize resettlement.