Phuoc Loc Commune chaos after storm, landside, flashflood

Phuoc Loc is the most affected commune in Phuoc Son District, Quang Nam Province as recent storms bringing landslides and flash floods left 13 people dead and missing, damaged traffic infrastructure, buried and isolated tens of households for the past 15 days.
Phuoc Loc Commune chaos after storm, landside, flashflood

The artery route connecting Phuoc Thanh Commune and Phuoc Loc Commune becomes river and stream with fast- flowing water together debris of rock and soil and several dozen meter deep pits. 

Additionally, the landslide created several meter debris of mud and broke concrete bridges in a road linking Phuoc Cong Commune and Phuoc Loc Commune. Many road sections were also cracked, causing deep pits and landslides.  Mud and uprooted trees fell into the road surface. Many households had to leave their homes because of fears of unexpected landslide or flashflood. 

The functional forces had to cut down trees and wade through mud to make temporary roads for bringing food and cargo relief for the landslide, flashflood- hit people.

Some photos featuring Phuoc Loc Commune chaos after landside and flashflood:


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