People in countryside rush to set up rooftop solar panels

More and more houses in Ho Chi Minh City’s outlying suburbs have installed solar power for daily activities, production and selling their solar power output to electricity firms.
People in countryside rush to set up rooftop solar panels
Despite scorching hot outside in June, the house of Mr. Nguyen Van Sau in Can Gio suburb’s An Thoi Dong Commune was cool with two air-conditioners.
Many houses in An Thoi Dong Commune feel more comfortable using electricity-consuming appliances such as air-conditioners, fans and washing machines
Mr. Nguyen Van Sau has paid VND65 million ($2,790) for installing a rooftop solar system on the 18 sq.m rooftop in April. Averagely, an installation of rooftop solar system produces 17-18kWh per day or 594kWh a month.
In the first month of using solar panels, Mr. Sau paid electricity bill less than VND100,000. If the system runs well, it is estimated that he will regain the investment as he is permitted to sell solar energy via the connection with the national energy grid.
After Mr. Sau, Mrs. Ngo Thi Thu Giai in Can Thanh town in Can Gio suburban district decided to install 10 solar panels worth VND70 million. Before, her electricity bill used to reach VND4 million per month but she now pays just VND2.7 million monthly thanks to the solar panels.
Moreover, she collects VND200,000 per month from selling power to the district power company.
Similarly, Mr. Ha Huu Sang in Cu Chi District also had 12 solar panels installed in the rooftop and then he decided to raise to 69 solar panels. Of 5,170kWh produced by the panels, the family just spends 3,107kWh while the power company buys the remaining (2,063 kWh).
He has encouraged his relatives and neighbors to install the solar panels.
To carry out the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 11/2017, the power company in Cu Chi district has given support to residents to install solar panels as per the policies.
To popularize the information of the installation program, the company has worked with the media to publish the policy.
Subsequently, 24 households in Cu Chi district installed the panels which produce 327. 36 kwH of electricity per month by end of 2018.
Reduced price of solar panels and adjustments of selling power have stimulated more and more households to install solar panels. by June 15, the Cu Chi power company has paid VND 91 million to buy 43,327kWh from households.

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