People encouraged to provide anti-criminal information

The current situation shows that the crimes of stealing, armed robbing and grab and run in Ho Chi Minh City are still complicated, causing damages, insecurity and losses of properties to local residents.

Two robbers arrested by functional forces (photo SGGP)
Two robbers arrested by functional forces (photo SGGP)

Recently, the police of HCMC have organized several campaigns to increase patrols, to intensify control and prevent crimes in the city's hot zones.

What causes anxiety in the public is that in the streets and “criminal hot areas” where traffic accidents often occur, the appearance of functional forces is sometimes blurred by the images of people who voluntarily do their duties.

In many roads across the market, the pedestrians, street vendors, cargo carts often occupy all the road and pavement, causing severe traffic gridlocks. To be more precise, many street vendors not only encroach on the pedestrian crosswalk and sidewalk, but also occupy the road for traffic circulation.

This is the consequence of the unreasonable practice of managing the area in the form of isolation and partition. The story about the “street knights” killed by motorcycle robbers in the evening of May 13 in District 3 is also worth pondering over. Although the “street knights” actively attacked the bandits, the people around them and in the road did not dare to cooperate or support them so the consequences were deeply regrettable.

In order to raise the effectiveness of the prevention and eradication of all kinds of crimes, to create the atmosphere for the movement of all people to protect the Fatherland's security, residents need to further improve the propagation and building of the core force in the city dwellers so that their anti-criminal awareness and cooperation (with the relevant forces) to provide information on crimes will be heightened.

Localities, population quarters, civil neighborhoods, wards and communes should re-establish the people's self-governing groups and civil service forces posts. Currently, the installation of security cameras have been socialized, contributing to the deterrent, reducing the crimes performed by the adventurous criminals in many alleys, streets, neighborhoods ....

This is a very effective mean for the fight against crimes, for the assistance of investigation of crime cases, thus it should be enhanced especially in criminal hot spots.

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