Northern, North-Central regions to see cold wave after unbearable heat wave

The National Center for Hydrology Meteorology Forecasting reported that a cold wave will hit the Northeastern and North-Central regions from tonight or tomorrow.
A cold spell will affect some places in the country.

A cold spell will affect some places in the country.

The cold wave will bring a gusty northeast monsoon of level 2-3 and showers over the mainland, improving drought conditions for trees.

However, the meteorologists warned that the sudden and sharp change in temperature would be likely to affect the health of people and animals right after prolonged sweltering days.

The lowest temperature in the Northeastern region could drop by 21 degrees Celsius or more. Meanwhile, temperatures in some places of the Central region will reduce from 40-42 degrees Celsius to 22- 26 degrees Celsius.

From tomorrow, both the Central Highlands and Southern region will experience moderate and torrential rainfalls at night time along with risks of lightning, hails and whirlwinds.

Many provinces and cities across the country recorded a record high temperature of 44 degrees Celsius or more.

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