Nguyen Hue Flower Street receives 350,000 visitors during Tet

Nguyen Hue Flower Street 2022 received around 350,000 visitors during the nine-day opening, an increase of 440 percent compared to last year. 
The visitors are mostly crowded here in the afternoons and evenings to visit and take photos.

Last night, Nguyen Hue Flower Street for the 2022 Lunar New Year under the theme of “Hometown Spring - Warmth of Love” was officially closed. 

During the operation, the organizers sometimes had to temporarily cease the flower street to reduce the number of visitors and ensure Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control requirements. This year’s flower street received many compliments from visitors with many impressive miniaturized miniatures and tiger mascots.

2022 is the 19th year that the Nguyen Hue Flower Street has been organized during the traditional Tet holiday in the city center since the first time in 2004.

Over 19 years of implementation, Nguyen Hue Flower Street has become one of the most expected events for the Tet in Ho Chi Minh City.

Nguyen Hue Flower Street is one of the city’s typical cultural and sports events in the period of 2020-2030 that the leaders of Ho Chi Minh City directed Saigon Tourism Corporation (Saigontourist Group) to coordinate with departments, agencies and businesses for implementation. 

The total revenue from the sale of books in Book Street Festival 2022 reached over VND6.6 billion (US$ 291,728). 

The Book Street Festival 2022 was closed last night. From January 29 to February 6, the festival received nearly 60,000 visitors for sightseeing and shopping. 

The number of visitors and revenue of book businesses at the book festival increased about three times compared to 2021. 

Book Street Festival 
A spring newspaper stall to raise funds at the Ho Chi Minh City Book Street will last until February 15. By yesterday afternoon, revenue from the newspaper sale reached around VND30 million (US$ 1,326).

This is the second year that Ho Chi Minh City Journalists Association organized the activity. Money from the sale of newspapers will be used for fund-raising for charity, caring for elderly and needy journalists.

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