Local authorities stuck in ending spontaneous trading around wholesale markets

Up to now, although the volume of goods arrived at the three wholesale markets of Hoc Mon, Thu Duc, and Binh Dien has been increasing sharply, the purchasing power remains modest, decreasing by 30 percent, 50 percent, and 60 percent, respectively, because spontaneous markets on the roads around these wholesale markets have taken market share.
Local authorities stuck in ending spontaneous trading around wholesale markets ảnh 1 Spontaneous trading around Binh Dien Wholesale Markets. (Photo: SGGP)

Facing this issue, recently, the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City has sent a document to the authorities to report the results of the implementation of solutions to manage the transportation and spontaneous trading of agricultural products and foodstuffs in the areas around three wholesale markets.

Accordingly, the areas around the three wholesale markets are very complicated. The spontaneous trading of agricultural and foodstuff products does not guarantee food safety, security and order, and environmental sanitation, causing unfair competition between traders inside the wholesale markets and free traders outside. This situation has affected the implementation of pandemic prevention measures, as well as market stabilization ones. Therefore, the Department of Industry and Trade asked relevant units to report for it to summarize and submit to the People's Committee of HCMC for consideration and timely direction.

Upon the recommendations of the above units, Ms. Phan Thi Thang, Vice Chairwoman of the municipal People's Committee, sent three documents directing the competent authorities to handle thoroughly and decisively, especially the head of the locality must take the responsibility. However, up to this point, this issue has not been rectified. Spontaneous trading around the wholesale markets even has broken out strongly and spread more widely, especially with the Lunar New Year approaching, the demand for goods is forecasted to increase highly.

In the context that the Tet holiday is near, top priority must be given to the assurance of the supply of goods, quality control, and compliance with pandemic prevention requirements. However, it is unreasonable to let the situation of spontaneous trade persist, tagging along with wholesale markets without being subject to any control. The People's Committee of HCMC issued three official dispatches requesting the closure of the spontaneous markets, but so far, it has not been seriously implemented. It raises the question of whether the relevant agencies ignore and tolerate the spontaneous trading around the three wholesale markets, making it persist and overwhelm formal trading activities.