Legal violations on apartments escalated in District 8

Owners, investors of many apartment complexes in District 8 reportedly violated building regulations in order to make quick profit, infringing on tenants’ rights, while authorities struggled with sanction procedures.
Legal violations on apartments escalated in District 8 ảnh 1 An apartment block for relocated residents in District 8 (Photo: SGGP)
There have been multiple cases where investors of resettlement projects sold apartments before they were fully constructed. According to District 8’s authority, such projects are backed by the state budget and early commercial sale is therefore a legal violation.
Although the district has requested the investors to adequately compensate buyers, they have failed to do so in time. The Chairman of District 8 People’s Committee has informed tenants at the respective apartments of the project’s status, as well as legal actions they could take against the parties involved.
In another example, Trinh Minh Thanh the investor of Khang Gia Apartment in Ward 4 already collected rent and let people move in, despite not having finalized the fire protection system as well as the building’s overall construction.
Thanh also turned the ground floor meant to be leased out to retail stores into apartments, and expanded and converted the parking basement without obtaining a license. After written inquiries from local authorities, Thanh escaped and has landed himself on the police wanted list.
According to Deputy Director of the HCMC Police Maj.Gen. Dinh Thanh Nhan, the police are handling people’s filed complaints and have brought the case to court.
Regarding the situation with violations at apartment buildings in District 8, the district People’s Committee is requesting directions from the city and the HCMC Department of Construction.
District 8 in recent years has been a hotspot for apartment projects due to its close proximity to HCMC.

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