Incessant downpours to hit Southern region this weekend

Thundery downpours along with risks of whirlwinds and lightning are forecast to hit the Central Highlands and Southern regions from now to this weekend as the southwest monsoon is powerfully operating in the Southern region.  
The National Center for Hydrology Meteorology Forecasting issues a waring of  heavy downpours for the Central Highlands and Southern regions, an extreme heatwave for the Central region.
A low-pressure trough in combination with upper-air wind convergence at 5,000 meters above the land surface will trigger thunderstorms and medium-heavy rainfalls of 50-100 mm, high risks of cyclone and lightning in the capital city of Hanoi and the Northern region.

Additionally, flash floods, landslides and serious flooding could occur in the mountainous areas after the tropical downpours. 

Meanwhile, a scorching temperature of up to 38 degrees Celsius is warned for the Central region on the large scale. The extreme heatwave is likely to last for the next several days. 

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