High economic value of Ben Tre based-coconut tree

Coconut is a key plant of the Mekong Delta Province of Ben Tre contributing to the province’s budget.
At the current time, the raw coconut’s price reduces sharply but it is impossible to deny the economic value of the coconut tree from its shells, leaves and so on which could be made into different kinds of products.

At Thom River coconut market in Mo Cay Nam District of Ben Tre Province, the production and business activities along the riverside are as the production line of a factory. There, numerous coconuts have been gathered in the yards for peeling before their shells are put into the crushers to make raw coconut fiber, coco peat and coconut coir fiber rings.
Some photos feature the progress of coconut processing
Traders buy coconuts and gather them at the yard
Residents in Ben Tre harvest coconuts.
Coconuts were picked up from the water to the gathered point.
Coconut shells were put into the crusher for coco peat collection serving for agricultural production, orchid planting and organic fertilizer and so on.
Nowadays, the process of coconut exploitation is more simple thanks to modern machines and technology.
Coconut coir fiber rings are ready for trading.
Coconut coir fiber rings are dry in advance of putting to the machine.

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