Heatwave to grip Southern region until mid-May

The forecasting agency indicated that a heatwave and dry climate will persist in the Southern and Central Highlands regions through at least mid-May.

Heatwave will continue to grip the Southern region until mid-May.

The National Center for Hydrology Meteorology Forecasting has recently released an updated weather forecast for the whole country.

Accordingly, the El Nino phenomenon will tend to gradually decrease in intensify from now until the end of June, and then it will be a 75-80 percent probability of turning to a neutral state.

From now until July, the average frequency of storms or tropical depressions entering the East Sea is forecast to be two or three storms lower than average annual ones.

Because of three months of intense heat in May and July, the Central Highlands and the Southern regions will brace for the worst as the heatwave is expected to run until mid-May.

The regional heatwaves are likely to increase in frequency, duration and intensity during this period over average annual.

Furthermore, the dry and drought conditions in the Central Highlands and the Southern regions may also persist until the first half of May 2024. Meanwhile, drought is likely to occur in the Central region and extend from the second half of April to July.

Similar to the previous years, the North and Central regions are forecast to enter the rainy season in June.

The rainy season in the Central Highlands and the Southern region may arrive later than annual.

From June, the southwest monsoon will tend to operate stronger than average.

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