HCMC Party Committee “buys” information for anti-corruption

The HCMC Party Committee has just released guidelines for "purchasing" and processing information to support anti-corruption and counter-negative activities within the city.

Accordingly, the HCMC Party Committee specifies that information serving the efforts to combat corruption and address negative behaviors encompasses reports and complaints related to corrupt practices among individuals holding positions of authority, as well as negative conduct exhibited by Party members, officials, civil servants, and public employees within the jurisdiction overseen by the HCMC Party Committee and the People's Committee of HCMC.

Information providers can include domestic and foreign organizations or individuals living and working within Vietnam's borders. However, this excludes entities or individuals specializing in anti-corruption and counter-negative activities, as well as officials, civil servants, and employees from other competent authorities responsible for receiving information.

The individuals responsible for receiving, processing information, and engaging in “information purchase” are the HCMC Steering Committee on Prevention and Control of Corruption and Negative Phenomena and its members, with the Internal Affairs Committee of the HCMC Party Committee serving as the permanent unit within the Steering Committee.

According to the guidelines, receiving, processing, and acquiring information must maintain confidentiality, be conducted promptly, accurately, and in accordance with the regulations. The reception of information from providers must adhere to a "single-channel" approach, where information providers interact directly with information recipients without intermediaries. The identity of information providers must be represented by code numbers.

The HCMC Party Committee stipulates that information reflecting or reporting corrupt and negative behaviors must be accurate and comprehensive, providing the content, details, and context of the incident. It can be in traditional or electronic data formats, presented in the Vietnamese language, and should be clear and specific. The information should be previously unreported by any organization or individual and should not have been received or addressed by any competent authority.

The information provider bears responsibility for the accuracy of the information and documents they supply. They may be held liable for damages or face consequences if they intentionally make false accusations or misrepresent the truth. The total reward received by the information provider should not exceed the prescribed limit of VND10 million per report (case).

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