HCMC issues chip-based ID cards from 6 a.m. to midnight

Ho Chi Minh City Police Department, on November 5, held a ceremony to launch the second chapter of the issuance of chip-based ID cards for people in the area.

The Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (PC06), HCMC Police Department, Thu Duc City Police, and districts will organize the issuance of chip-based ID cards and form mobile teams to work in turns seven days a week, from 6 a.m. to midnight every day.

It is expected that from now until the end of November this year, HCMC Police will mobilize all forces to participate in issuing nearly 3.5 million chip-based ID cards to people from the age of 14 who have not yet been issued ID cards, people using 9-digit ID cards, 12-digit ID cards, and ID cards with barcodes, and people whose chip-based ID cards were lost, expired, or needed to change information.

HCMC Police Department mobilized more than 1,895 police officers to carry out the chip-based ID card issuance campaign. Currently, the city has 253 stations to receive applications for ID card issuance and two mobile teams in District 1. 

HCMC Police said that the chip-based ID cards have many advantages over the ID cards with barcodes, such as high security and large storage capacity, allowing the integration of many accompanying applications, including digital signature, biometrics, vaccination data, driver's license, and social policy entitlement data. Chip-based ID cards can be widely used and connected in public and private services.