HCMC basically finishes common database for smart city project

After 18 months carrying out the project ‘Transforming Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) into a smart city’, the municipal authorities have successfully finished the first stage of constructing the shared database, the urban monitoring center, and the simulation and forecast center. Among them, the common database is one of the most important foundations to determine the success of the other two.

Citizens are declaring tax information online. Photo by Cao Thang
Citizens are declaring tax information online. Photo by Cao Thang

After a year preparing, this shared database (the first stage) is now operational at Quang Trung Software City, integrating current data from various departments and agencies like the Department of Planning and Investment, the Department of Taxation, the Department of Health, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

Some essential databases, including the city’s digital one-stop, complaints and accusations, hotlines, business registrations, foreign investments, taxpayers, foreign laborers in HCMC, land ownership, have already been integrated into this common database.

Based on these precious data, HCMC has implemented applications to serve the management and operation tasks as well as the forming of a strategy guidance. The city is also exploiting the database to shorten the administration processing time while improving the quality simultaneously.

The municipal authorities have piloted an open database portal at https://data.hochiminhcity.gov.vn in order to provide information on certificates for medical practices and medical centers in the city. It is also supposedly used to look up necessary data by the general public as well as businesses.

In the next period from 2019 to 2020, HCMC will focus more on perfecting the structure and model of this shared database.

There is also a plan to establish various specialist databases to be integrated into the above common one. These include the public administration database for the Office of the People’s Committee, the import-export database for the Department of Customs, the traffic database for the Department of Transport, the planning database for the Department of Planning and Architecture, the construction database for the Department of Construction, the topographic and cadastral database for the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the tourism database for the Department of Tourism.

More applications to exploit the shared database will be launched to better serve the public and businesses related to business registration, individual businesses, customized virtual assistant.

The pilot of a common digital map with information on traffic, postal locations, and cadaster will be introduced.

A representative from the People’s Committee of District 12 – one of the piloting places in HCMC – said that the district has basically finished the database for permanent citizens in this area and is now running applications to manage as well as controlling the quality and performance of state officers in processing administration work while calculating the citizen satisfaction in these tasks.

According to Vice Chairman of the HCMC People’s Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen, after summarizing the first stage of the project, HCMC is entering the second phase, aiming at further developing and perfecting the urban monitoring center to digitize certain aspects of civil status and population while avoiding inconsistent and asynchronous data at all cost.

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