Hanoi records very poor air quality

Most air quality monitoring stations in Hanoi have recorded very poor air quality, along with a very high concentration of PM2.5 fine dust, badly affecting people's health.
Hanoi records very poor air quality

On February 22, the air pollution has not been improved in Hanoi and many other Northern provinces. This situation has been lasting for the past few days.

It was recorded in the early morning on the same day, the air quality index (AQI) at monitoring stations in Hanoi, namely Tu Liem, Pham Van Dong, Tay Mo, Thanh Cong, Minh Khai, My Dinh, and Hang Dau was always above 250; in the afternoon, the index dropped to 200. According to Air Visual, Hanoi was the second-most polluted city in the world after Dhaka City in Bangladesh.

According to experts, amid the context that schools closed because of the Covid-19 outbreak, and there was no traffic congestion, the fact that the air quality in Hanoi remained at a very poor level is an alarming problem. This shows that there are other sources of pollution, such as production activities, unfavorable weather conditions, including fog, humidity, and less wind, causing dust to be unable to diffuse upwards.

The Department of Environmental Protection of Hanoi City recommended that people should avoid going outside, or they need to wear face masks to lessen the impacts of polluted air.