Global Robotics Services aims to turn Vietnam into world robotics hub

Choosing Vietnam as its first destination in Southeast Asia, the Global Robotics Services (GRS) is ambitious about developing the market, opening its factory here, and turning the country into a robotics hub of the world.


Global Robotics Services aims to turn Vietnam into world robotics hub ảnh 1 Illustrative photo
In an interview with the Dien dan Doanh nghiep (Business Forum) magazine, CEO of the GRS Chen Hong Ming assessed that Vietnam has a dynamic economy growing at an average annual rate of 8-9 percent with a large potential for investment attraction, hence an important role of logistics.
GRS is a robotics arm of GLP, a leading global investment manager and business builder operating across Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, the US and Vietnam. It offers customers logistics operations solutions through robotics and has so far reaped success in the many markets including Japan and China.
Landing in Vietnam, the firm wants to make Vietnam a leading nation in robotics services, said Chen when unveiling GRS’s long-term plan of opening its factory in the market and developing Vietnam into a global robotics hub.
He said the business wishes to receive support from the Vietnamese Government in terms of land and tax.
Chen cited statistics showing that about 10 percent of the total number of warehouses worldwide are automated, and the percentage for Vietnam is 2-3 percent. Therefore, room for growth in the field is extensive as the growth speed of the automation market is at 25 percent.
With its large population, dynamic labour, and developing economy, Vietnam has a great chance to catch up with other nations in Asia and reach the international level in automated logistics after a decade, he said.

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