Flood-control projects in HCMC ready for coming rainy season

Ho Chi Minh City has finished many flood-control projects in addition to draining canals to fight flooding in the coming rainy season.

Flood-control projects in HCMC are ready for the coming rainy season

After the city suffered months of heat waves, a heavy rain hit the densely-populated southern metropolis. However, heavy rain also caused flooding on many roads in the city.

Talking to a reporter from SGGP Newspaper, a leader of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Construction said that it has planned to put into operation a series of flood-control projects to prepare for the upcoming rainy season.

According to the Department of Construction of Ho Chi Minh City, in preparation for the rainy season, the department has a plan to operate 380 tidal check valves, and five mobile pumping stations with a capacity from 1,000 cubic meters per hour to 2,000 cubic meters per hour.

Along with 380 tidal check valves and five mobile pumping stations, five other pumping stations, ten other pumping stations and large tide control gates in Binh Trieu, Binh Loi, Lang Canal, Nhay - Ruot Ngua Canal, Nhieu Loc - Thi Nghe, Ba Tieng Canal, Phu Lam, Thanh Da, Me Coc 1 , Me Coc 2 will be operated synchronously to mitigate flooding from high tide.

In addition, the Department of Construction and related units have implemented projects to build and renovate drainage systems to solve flooding on 18 main roads such as Nguyen Huu Canh, Tan Quy, Ba Van, Truong Cong Dinh, Bau Cat, Le Duc Tho, Quang Trung, Nguyen Van Khoi, Dang Thi Ranh, Bach Dang in Binh Thanh District, Thao Dien, Quoc Huong, Nguyen Van Huong, Duong Van Cam , Kha Van Can, the National Highway 1A in Thu Duc City, Phan Anh, Ho Hoc Lam in Districts 6, 8, and Binh Tan.

In addition, the Department will construct a critical dike section on the left bank of Thu Duc City (from the end of the canal at the end of Road No. 26 to the end of Road No. 3), tidal control sluices on Kinh River, Tra canal, Vam Thuat and Nuoc Len and Te canal embankment along Tran Xuan Soan street in District 7 while renovating the main drainage channels of Xom Cui, Ba Lon, Thu Dao, Ong Be, and Thay Tieu canals. An embankment on both sides of the Tham Luong - Ben Cat - Nuoc Len Canal (the section from Cho Dem River to Tham Luong bridge with a length of 19 km) will be built.

Furthermore, the Department is determined to complete three drainage system projects in Go Vap District in Nguyen Van Khoi, Le Van Tho, Quang Trung, Le Duc Tho streets and two other projects in Thu Duc City and a project to improve the drainage system of Thao Dien - Quoc Huong - Xuan Thuy - Nguyen Van Huong streets and a project to improve the drainage system of Thu Duc market. The Department of Construction also directs affiliated units to effectively operate the existing drainage system.

Last but not least, it will promote the dredging of sewer and canal systems citywide, ensuring synchronization with the city's general drainage system. For instance, the project of dredging, improving the environment, and building infrastructure along Xuyen Tam Canal through Go Vap District is expected to be started by Ho Chi Minh City in August 2024 and completed in April 2025. Plus, dredging work on the canal section passing through Binh Thanh District is expected to start in April 2025.

Vietnam’s most populous metropolis is preparing to invest in four projects including the Hy Vong Canal renovation project, the Van Thanh Canal dredging and improvement project, Ba Lon Canal drainage project. The project to dredge, build infrastructure, and improve the environment on the bank of Doi Canal in District 8 is expected to start and be completed in the period 2026-2030.

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