Flights to/from Taiwan (China) delayed, cancelled due to typhoon Haikui

Airlines have to adjust their flight schedule to and from Taiwan (China) on September 3 and September 4 due to the impact of typhoon Haikui.

Accordingly, on September 3, Vietnam Airlines had to cancel flight No.VN586 from the capital city of Hanoi to Kaohsiung and flight No.VN580 from Ho Chi Minh City to Kaohsiung.

Besides, the national flag carrier also delayed departure time by 13 hours for flight No.VN578 connecting Hanoi and Taipei and flight No.VN570 linking Ho Chi Minh City and Taipei on September 3. Therefore, the flights will land at Taipei after 10 a.m. on September 4 (local time).

In addition, on September 4, Vietnam Airlines shall cancel flight No.VN687 on the Kaohsiung- Hanoi route and flight No.VN581 on the Kaohsiung- Ho Chi Minh City route.

Besides, the flight No.VN579 from Taipei to Hanoi and flight No.VN671 from Taipei to Ho Chi Minh City operating on September 4 will be delayed departure time by four hours over the plan.

Similarly, Vietjet Air also announced schedule adjustments for flights to and from Kaohsiung due to typhoon Haikui. Of which, the flights on Hanoi – Kaohsiung route have been temporarily canceled.

The airlines said that some domestic flights are likely to be delayed due to the typhoon and affected passengers will be supported in accordance with the current regulations.

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