Extreme heat wave hits north

According to the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center, the northern provinces have experienced hot and muggy weather with the highest daytime temperature of 29- 31 degrees Celsius, even up to over 33 degrees Celsius in some places of the northwestern region. 

The northwestern provinces are expected to see rain, thunderstorm, cyclone and powerful wind in evenings. The extreme temperature is expected to keep until April 5. 

By the evening of April 5, a cold air is forecast to influence in the northern and north- central regions, and after that it will spread out the mid- central region. 

Because of its impact, the northern and north- central regions are going to suffer medium- heavy rain and thunderstorm.

From April 6, showery weather and thunderstorm will hit both the mid- central and Central Highlands provinces. 

The lowest temperature in the northern mountainous region could drop down 12- 14 degrees Celsius. 

Meanwhile, the Gulf of Tonkin and the northern territorial waters including the Paracel Islands will see powerful wind of level 7- 10 and sea rough. 

The central and southern offshore areas will see sustainable wind of level 6-8 and sea rough.

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