Enjoying Central Highlands cultural space along Da Lat City’s Xuan Huong Lake

The exhibition under theme “Paradise in the Central Highlands” was set up on the riverside of Xuan Huong Lake to bring a cultural highlight for the ninth Da Lat Flower Festival 2022.

Numerous residents and travelers have recently flocked to the cultural space for sightseeing and learning about the culture of the indigenous groups of the Central Highlands along the riverside of Xuan Huong Lake, Da Lat City although it is under the final works of completion. 

The Central Highlands cultural space showcased about 5,000 typical artifacts of the Central Highlands region, divided into groups of signature musical instruments, tools serving production and living utensils, hunting tools, traditional brocade costumes and collectibles about culture, beliefs, rituals and festivals of the ethnic groups in the Central Highlands.

Some photos feature artifacts of the Central Highlands displayed in the exhibition along Xuan Huong Lake