District 10 establishes volunteer team to support isolated areas

The Youth Union of District 10, Ho Chi Minh City has just established the SOS 247 volunteer team to support food delivery for residents in the isolation and lockdown areas.
Volunteer team picks up bags of vegetables and fruits from a truck.
Secretary of the Youth Union of District 10 Nguyen Kim Trung shared that the agency had collaborated with benefactors who used their trucks to pick up vegetables and fruits from the provinces of An Giang, Tien Giang and Long An to the Children House of District 10 to distribute them to the people in the isolation and lockdown areas.

Currently, there are two 2.5-ton trucks and two pick-up trucks carrying from three to 3.5 tons of vegetables and fruits daily.

A truck carries vegetables and fruits to residents in isolated areas.
The Youth Union of District 10 has mobilized more benefactors to support the expense to buy vegetables and fruits with preferential prices to rescue agricultural products and some people in the localities granted huge amounts of vegetables for free.

Earlier, the Youth Union of District 10 had implemented the “zero-dong refrigerator” and “zero-dong stall” models and assigned volunteers to support the pandemic prevention and control in the locality.

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