Dien pomelo hub becomes new photo check-in spot for young people

Pomelo orchards in Bac Tu Liem District’s Phuc Dien Ward of Hanoi are entering harvest season for nearly a month with beautiful fruits that have begun to turn into an eye-catching yellow color and soon they will be ripe.


Many youths have planned trips to visit pomelo gardens to take beautiful photos to share them on their accounts on social media platforms when the weather in Hanoi has recently been better.

Located some 12 kilometers away from Hanoi's center, the Dien village in Phuc Dien Ward is home to many large and beautiful pomelo orchards. The village has a longstanding tradition of growing pomelos.

Mr. Dung, an owner of a pomelo orchard said that his garden averagely receives around 100-150 visitors on Saturday and Sunday, especially during the harvesting time.

A garden has an average area of about 2,000- 3,000 square meters featuring 100- 200 pomelo trees. Larger orchards can be 3-4 hectares wide with around 2,000 pomelo trees which are nearly 30 years old.


Ms. Pham Sau Ut, from Thanh Xuan District in Hanoi, said that people are now fond of exploring beautiful places on the outskirts of the capital city for photography, such as the seasons of peach flowers, yellow mustard flowers, Ban flowers (Bauhinia variegata), and yellow trumpet-shaped flowers.

The pomelo orchards with thousands of luxuriant round, golden, fragrant pomelos hanging on trees will create very eye-catching photos, Mr. Pham Sau Ut said.

According to Ms. Phan Thu Trang from Cau Giay District, an entrance ticket to a garden is VND50,000 per person. Visitors can buy pomelos at the orchards. A pomelo costs from VND20,000 – VND40,000. The market price is VND10,000 – VND20,000 depending on the type of fruit.


Many groups of young girls also bring colorful outfits, bags of makeup, and cosmetic accessories, and hire professional photographers to get beautiful pictures.

According to the Sai Gon Giai Phong Newspaper’s reporter, this year, not only the pomelo orchards in Phu Dien District open for tourism but also dozens of large gardens in pomelo growing areas in Dan Phuong and Me Linh districts are greeting visitors to enjoy luxuriant fruit gardens, pick pomelos at gardens and take beautiful photos.

The trend of ‘checking in’ to pomelos orchards in the West of Hanoi is spreading among young people. Gardens of pomelos have become new photo check-in spots compared to flower gardens and flower streets.


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